The power of Digestive Enzyme

Your health begins from the gut. If your gut is stuck, all nutrition will not be absorbed properly. Gut health also affects your brain and mood. This is where you need the power of Isotonix Digestive Enzyme.

Some testimonies from users :

“My son was having gastric attack on Monday while we were travelling. We have him one spoon of adult digestive enzyme as we did not bring along DNA Miracles Digestive Enzyme. The gastric juice settled very quickly along with some warm food and soup. Some great supplement we have on hand! 👍👍”

“I fully agreed the effectiveness of the Digestive enzyme. My brother experiences acid reflux & gastric most of the time. Also always has this phlegm chocking feeling. He was sent for scope and scan, spending lots of $ on medical but nothing could help until I intro him the DE. Just within a week, he experience the goodness and he shared with me the chocking feeling is less now and he is feeling more comfortable. ”

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