Lifestyle and diet change is necessary for gout sufferer


Gout is a form of arthritis caused by excess uric acid in the body. The symptoms of gout are due to the formation of uric acid crystals cause severe pain, redness and swelling in the joints and the buildup is due to the foods we eat.

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Shop.com nutritional supplements for gout:

– Detox with digestive enzymes (take after 2 big meals esp lunch and dinner)

– Nutriclean Fiber Powder(1 round scoop to 240 ml of water)

– take plenty of water(at least 8 cups per day)

– consider learning and using TLS 7 days detox menu (learn from TLS Overview) to cleanse body toxic.

– take Isotonix Bromelain (3 spoons) for 3 to 5 days to bring down the inflammation and aid cell recovery

– take OPC3 (2 spoonfuls twice a day to boost immune system for this gout attack period) revert to 2 spoonful after gout recovery.

– taking two to three sachets of aloe vera per day is also recommended during gout attack for detox.

Isotonix Bromelain take during gout attack for pain relief and to reduce inflammation. The rest of the Isotonix, aloe vera can take on normal dosage on daily basis.

As for Curcumin, take 1 capsule daily, with or without meal. Curcumin helps with liver detoxification, fights inflammation by maintaining healthy glutathione levels and serves as a master cell protector. Certainly recommended during acute gout attack but as useful for gout sufferers to take on regular basis.



Restrict intake of the food below with high purine content:

1) Food high in purine content(restrict your intake)

Asparagus, cauliflower, mushroom, oatmeal, wholegrain, wheat, germ, red meat

2) Food highest in purine(abstain completely if possible)

All internal organs of animals and birds, liver, kidney, brain, pancreas. Rich game – venison, gamebird pigeon, black chicken. Meat extract – Gravies, chicken essence, Bak Kut Teh

Lifestyle and diet change is necessary for gout sufferer.



  • Red meat and organ meats
  • Shellfish (including shrimp)
  • Refined carbohydrates (e.g. white rice and pasta)
  • Processed foods (e.g. potato chips)
  • Sugary beverages (e.g. soda)
  • Alcohol
  • Nuts

Recipe and Tips for Good Health

When it comes to health and fitness, it is important to maintain a balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. We need to move towards a balanced routine so that the future years are trouble-free for us. For this, it is important to start out early with the following tips for good health:


Stop Smoking

Smoking affects the body and the mind. Once you stop smoking, you can experience certain notable changes such as better looking skin, whiter teeth, better sex and an overall improved way of life. Around 25% of smokers die out of smoking-related diseases such as cancer, heart ailments and chronic bronchitis. Quitting smoking can give a decade to your life. It is never too late to give up this bad habit.


Good Diet

A balanced diet is the mantra to good health and fitness. A healthy person starts their cycle right from the stage when they are in the womb. Taking nutritious foods not only maintains good health but also cures various diseases. It is important to consume a nourished diet for properly aiding the metabolic, physical, mental, hormonal and chemical activities of the body. Good food allows the body to repair as well as rebuild itself. Taking fruits and vegetables provides the body with thorough nutrition and makes up for the lost energy.


Drink Plenty of Water

Water keeps you hydrated. It is not only recommended for the health of your organs, but also helps maintain the buoyancy of the skin and reduces acne. If you are to estimate the water requirement of your body, divide your body weight by two and get the daily ounce recommendation. This is the quantity of water you should consume each day. At the same time, reduce your intake of caffeine and aerated or caffeinated beverages.



It is important to exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes during the day. If not, take a break as you work and divide the exercise time into smaller sessions. Getting immense physical activity helps you to exercise your body. Skip the elevator and go for the stairs instead. Walk to your supermarket, rather than looking for parking space. You can also practice doing household chores, or take out your pet for a walk. If you feel bored to exercise alone, find a friend who is committed to exercising. Exercise can be a great way of venting out stress, especially when you’re bogged down with too much work.


Enough Sleep

Get sufficient amounts of sleep – at least for 8 hours a day. Sleep heals the body and rejuvenates your mind, allowing you to think and focus well. Lack of sleep has been related to heart diseases, colds and flu. Sleep has also been found to help patients suffering from diabetes. Elevated cortisol promotes insulin resistance. Sufficient sleep resists the formation of cortisol, the stress hormone.


Deep Breathing Meditation

Deep breathing relaxes the body and mind and brings clarity. It oxygenates the brain, thus dealing with anxiety issues efficiently. Breathe slowly, purposefully and deeply into your body. If there is any place that is tightened, breathe into it. This brings in clarity and allows you to gain insights. Breathing right makes you calmer and happier by releasing pain.


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The power of Digestive Enzyme

Your health begins from the gut. If your gut is stuck, all nutrition will not be absorbed properly. Gut health also affects your brain and mood. This is where you need the power of Isotonix Digestive Enzyme.

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“I fully agreed the effectiveness of the Digestive enzyme. My brother experiences acid reflux & gastric most of the time. Also always has this phlegm chocking feeling. He was sent for scope and scan, spending lots of $ on medical but nothing could help until I intro him the DE. Just within a week, he experience the goodness and he shared with me the chocking feeling is less now and he is feeling more comfortable. ”