Cut Sugar and Carb Today!

If you’ve been on a yo yo diet and restricting calories for a while. Maybe you should consider stop worrying about calories and eat to satiety. Let your body detox and working out a new hormonal balance. If you can, take this chance to eliminate Dairy (some are sensitive to it and will complicates the body’s fat burning ability). Try not to be obsessed with weighing yourself Everyday. Waist measurement is more accurate than merely weight.

Start by cutting SUGAR and CARB bit by bit. Take a day at a time. Don’t feel guilty if you succumbed to sweet treats. Start again the next day. Build healthy eating into your lifestyle. Soon you will find that you no longer crave for fried processed food anymore as you embarking on your journey. Take baby steps. Start repairing your body before it is too late!

Link to Health Hub’s Diabetes Risk Assessment

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Poor Sleep due to frequent night toilet visits

If you frequently wake up to urinate during the night, do not drink a lot of water near bedtime.

And if you respond to your bladder every time and go to the bathroom frequently, your bladder will habitually wake you up in the middle of the night. All You need to do is to practice ‘convincing’ your bladder to go to the bathroom in the morning when it is time to wake up. If you still have to urinate five minutes later, then you can go to the bathroom. Most likely you can go back to sleep with a full bladder and go only visit the toilet in the morning.