Keto Diet

    • Meats: beef, chicken and pork, lamb and fish  like salmon, sardines, tuna etc.
    • Fats and oils: nuts and seeds, olive oil, sesame oil, ghee, and grass-fed butter
    • Eggs: free-range type.
    • Dairy products including: cheeses, yogurt, and heavy creams.
    • Low-carb vegetables including: spinach, kale, broccoli etc
    • Fruits: low sugar type like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and avocados (in controlled amounts).
    • Spices: no added sugars.
  •  Food To Eliminate on Low Cab/Ketogenic Diet
    • Grains: White Rice, whole grains and breads, noodles, pastas
    • Starches: potatoes, sweet potatoes
    • Packaged Low-fat diet products
    • Smoothies, sodas, fruit juices, ice cream, cookies, cakes, and sweets
    • Unhealthy oils: processed vegetable oils
    • Alcohols
    • Artificial sweeteners
    • Sweet Condiments

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